SHAREit has Become Bloated, So, Here are Some Best SHAREit Alternatives

When it was launched SHAREit opened up new avenues for users to share large and small files from one device to another. These were the days when Bluetooth was still being used as a primary medium to share files wirelessly and we all know the downsides of using Bluetooth for the same. Despite being a game changer, SHAREit has its fair “share” of problems (pun intended!).

So, in this segment let us focus on SHAREit alternatives for Android, Windows, MacOS, and iOS. What are we looking for? Although SHAREit has become bloated with ads, we admire two features of SHAREit – sending files through temporary Wi-Fi hotspot even without an internet connection and can be used with PC and Mac as well. So, to find the best SHAREit alternative, we only included the app no only let you transfer larger files wirelessly but are also platform agnostic in nature.

There are many apps other than SHAREit with which you will be able to transfer files anywhere and anytime without actually having to pay for it. Let’s go through few SHAREit alternatives.

Shall we?

1. Zapya File transfer tool Zapya, one of the famous file transfer tools allows you to transfer files from just about any Smartphone and personal computer platforms in the fraction of seconds.

2. TeamViewer If you are searching for a share it alternative to transfer files between to devices, look no further than TeamViewer app. With highly developed features and friendly user interface for all operating systems, you can be sure of excellent performance in a variety of situations to receive or send documents while you work from home or want to pick up files from the employee in the other row.

3. Xender app One more pretty popular file sharing app Xender is available for multiple mobile platforms for free, but one disadvantage is it shows ads. What makes it a great alternative to SHAREit is the fact that it has a pretty cool web app.

4. WinZip ZipSend We have all heard about WinZip, but did you know that they also offer a file transfer tool called ZipSend. Yes, even I was oblivious to the fact until now. The ZipSend is more of an online file transfer tool and doesn’t exactly fall in the likes of SHAREit.

5. PushBullet Application Pushbullet will be very useful if frequently share images and notes between your computer and mobile. This application is especially for people who are interested in using files sharing apps with a chat-like interface.

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